Recently there’s been a huge rise in the popularity of Small Group Personal Training (SGPT).

We’re proud to be the first gym to bring this the Warwickshire area, with many gyms now trying to replicate our blueprint. But there’s still lots of confusion in regards to what it is and how it works So let us help you understand and breakdown what it is…

What is Small Group Personal Training?

In essence, it’s as simple as it sounds – personal training delivered in a small group. There’s discussion about what constitutes ‘small’ but for us, 4 clients is the magic number.


We define a circuit class as a large group session where everyone is doing the same exercises regardless of their training age, ability or personal goals. This is fine under certain circumstances however this is not what our SGPT is about. Our SGPT is designed to make sure each person is treated as an individual and tailor our sessions accordingly.

We work with a diverse membership base so we understand that clients may have some apprehensions before starting our 30 Day Experience. We completely understand these worries however our highly skilled and experienced coaches have vast experience working within team sports and delivering sessions based on meeting the varying needs of individuals meaning not all clients in the session will be doing the same exercise.

This starts by us having a sound knowledge of each and every client, we know who has a lower back injury so may need a particular exercise modifying to reduce spinal loading, who wants to build up their upper body posture and strength and what exercises our members hate (this doesn’t mean we avoid them we work with them to break down the movement and make the exercise more manageable and enjoyable).

Having such a client centric approach gives us the opportunity to coach each client as an individual and ensure we’re delivering best in class coaching and a highly personable service.

We truly believe that the majority of people require a very similar things when it comes to training. Our well-rounded programme allows us to focus on increasing an individual’s strength, improving their energy systems to help increase cardiovascular performance, exercises to help aid flexibility and mobility to reduce the risk of injury.

We are able to deliver this to each and every member who steps through our doors in a way that is fun and enjoyable for them!

In addition to this one of the other HUGE benefits of our small group personal training programme is the support and encouragement seen within our sessions which you never get when training alone, which is one of the many reasons people choose us!

Some other benefits to our memberships is the increased flexibility in availability and timings of sessions and the cost as our SGPT is around ½ the price of our 1-2-1 personal training.

Want to learn more about our mall group personal training? Click here to contact us, or here to check out our 30 Day Experience.

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